Monday, 17 November 2014

Where do babies come from?

Jack: mummy, you just licked my lolly!
Mum: that's ok Jack,  I did make you after all!
Jack: how did you make me?
Mum: I grew you in my tummy
Jack: did daddy help?
Mum: yes jack, a bit.
Jack: did daddy put me in your tummy?
Mum: yes jack
Jack: how did he put me there mummy?
Mum: errr...
Jack: was it by magic mummy?
Mum: something like that jack yes!

Epic day

Soft play, swimming and then a trip to the doctors... just us 3 and mum and all done without a car. Easy!! Xx

crazy hair

Lily, have you SEEN the state of your hair?!

Minion me...

Mum's little minion!

We love london!

Another weekend, another day trip! London Eye (didn't look much like an eye to me), the aquarium, the south bank Christmas Market and tea at wahaca... and then a sleep on the way home,  obviously x

David who?

Seriously mum, who IS this guy?

5 kids later...

Mum and one of her bestest friends, 5 kids on! Looks easy to us...