Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Party time

Not sure which was the best part of Sarah and Wayne's bbq... hanging out with the adults or the kids?!

Bye bye honor

To my favourite preschool girl... gonna miss you x



Leaving preschool means a party and a cuddly toy! Awesome x

All grown up

So we can use a cup... big deal.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Dinosaur park

A park inspired by dinosaurs. With a lake you can swim in thrown in for good measure. Awesome x

Garden fun

Face painting, mud and selfies. Great way to spend a sunny Wednesday afternoon x

End of an era!

Yes, I am excited about school and leaving nursery.  So much so that I made several people a card, made dad buy everyone some leaving gifts and promised to return in my school uniform to say hi in September. 

No, I did not prepare mum for me bursting into tears on the way home:

Jack: why am I leaving nursery mummy?
Mum: because you are such a big boy now jack, and it's time for school. School is VERY exciting!
Jack: but why are they making me leave mummy? Have I been bad? I just want to stay with all my friends
Mum (very near tears): oh jack, of course you haven't been bad. You are a very very good boy. It's just that when you are 4 you get to go to school and make new friends. It's really fun.
Jack (in tears): but I'm really going miss all my friends. And my nursery. I just want to stay there forever! Noooo
Mum and jack: Wahhhhhh

Possibly not as prepared as mum thought then :(