Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Ready for school

Right... I'm officially ready for school! Soooooo excited, only 10 weeks to go.

Note taker

George, Jack, you better watch yourselves. I'm taking notes for the future, I've got your cards well and truly marked boys!

Monday, 29 June 2015

Picnic for 2

Finally Lily, a bit of quiet time and a picnic for 2. It's been a long time coming x

Priory farm

A family day out... lily leading the way as ever. Mum reckons she's going to be in charge of us boys. We'll see. 

Football with my mates

Where we live is great... a game of football with dad and my mates within eyesight of my front door. Awesome x

A day out with Ali!

A day trip with Ali hurrah! Good job she bought her friend Jess from nursery too, Jack was missing her lots since she left! X

Bath time babies

Bath time is great x